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Chattan Stables is presently home to some of South Africa's finest thoroughbreds and is consistently amongst the leading breeders on the National Breeders List.

Performance Pedigrees

Our horses have been breaking ground in South Africa since 1994. Under the leadership of Lynda Rabie, herself a successful show jumper and has participated in several championships.

Warmblood Stud.

Lynda Rabie has bred numerous champions. She is focused on performance breeding. The mares are selected for both their pedigree and their performances in competition. .

Warmblood Breeds

Groups Orginated

In Europe and registered with organizations that are characterized by open studbook policy, studbook selection, and the aim of breeding for equestrian sport. The term distinguishes these horses from both heavy draft horses ("cold bloods") and refined light saddle horses such as the Thoroughbred and Arabian ("hot bloods"). Although modern warmbloods are descended from heavier agricultural types systematically upgraded by hotblood influence, the term does not imply that warmbloods are direct crosses of "cold" and "hot".

Warmblood are Categorys

Breed or Bloodline,

In the earliest years, this was work, whether it was pulling carriages on a city street or pulling logs for farmers clearing land. As such, they were historically strong, stout horses. As work needs changed, breeding focused on sport and competition. The warmblood breeds are named according to the individual country; for example, Hanoverians originated in Hanover, Germany, while Swedish Warmbloods originated in Sweden. The modern warmblood sport horse boasts five generations of recognized sport horse bloodlines..

Warmblood Characteristics

Dressage and Jumping Sports

Breeders discovered that by adding the characteristics of an athletic hot-blooded horse, such as an Arabian or thoroughbred, they could temper the massive size of the draft and add some speed and stamina, while keeping the strength. Warmblood legs are typically wider and stronger than those of refined breeds, so they can easily carry their own weight and a rider’s -- and pull something as necessary. Although a generalization, modern warmbloods have a good temperament, but are not known for racing speed.

Who We Are

Branic Stud is an established Warmblood breeding facility that is presently home to some of the foremost show-jumping thoroughbreds Stallions and Broodmares are carefully selected to ensure that our horses have the scope, ability and temperaments to perform at the highest levels.

B - Belmondo

In the Young Horse Performance Series, he won the 6 year old series with 8/8 clear rounds showing his amazing scope and ability.

R - Rivale d'Or

Founding Stallion imported from Belgium, is a show jumpering and dressage champion, has progressed to International A Grade Level

A - Always One

He is a exceptionally talented show jumper with brilliant technique combined with carefulness and an abundance of scope.

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N - Nelson van de Helle

He competed in the 2010 Avis Derby. has very good movement, together with the most elastic canter and extraordinary jump.

I - Imported Frozen Semen

Our knowledge of international pedigrees and thoroughbreds helped us bring some of the best from Europe to South Africa.

C - Cupido Z

One of the most successful stallions at this moment, he won the richest Grand Prix in world as well as .the World Championship

PLEASE NOTE: Branic Warmblood Stud is not a dealer.


We breed world class stallions and thoroughbred mares that have been very carefully choosen based on their breed's origins and characteristics as well as their performance in previous years. Our pedigrees are selected from the very best showjumping blood lines or progeny.



Once the horse has been showen it will move to our for sale page. For more information you can select from any of the links below. Please contact us directly for pricing and availability. Where we reserves the right to withhold any horse from sale without giving reason.

Broodmare Sales

Our well-known pedigree sales attract high quality entries from across the country, giving buyers the opportunity to acquire the finest well bred thoroughbreds.

Colt Sales

Search for Colt for sale in all locations. Buy or sell any foal on the SA's #1 equestrian marketplace today! We have a pact Colts for 2017, so this is your opportunity!

Foal Sales

Search for Foals for sale in all locations. Buy or sell any foal on the SA's #1 equestrian marketplace today! We have a pact foals for 2017, so this is your opportunity!

Gelding Sales

Looking to invest in quality breeding stock or sales prospects? Branic Stud has quality mares and youngsters for sale to fit every budget. Our Gelding Sales have produced subsequently groups of winning stars.

Juvenile Mare Sales

Looking to invest in quality breeding stock or sales prospects? Branic Stud has quality mares and youngsters for sale to fit every budget. Our Broodmare Sales have produced subsequently groups of winning stars.

Stallion Sales

Each year the "Branic Stallion Select Sale" is short becoming the finale to Stallion Showing in South Africa. Since it was started, the sale has developed into a vital platform for breeders and owners of stallions.

Yearling Sales

Get the latest official entries for the Yearling Sale. Click on the name of the Yearling for a link to the complimentary pedigree courtesy We are pleased to offer you the last of its 2017 yearling for sale..

Other Sales

Whether buyers are looking for a serious performance prospect or a family trail horse. We offers a trustworthy environment to purchase high-quality horses that will excel in any discipline.

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What We Know

If you fervently wished for a horse as a child, you probably thought more about the horse’s color than the breed. As your horse riding turned serious or competitive, however, you may have discovered that specific breeds and types are more suited and coveted for certain disciplines.

Warmbloods and thoroughbreds have distinctive characteristics that may make them ideally suited for specific sports, although exceptions exist among most breeds. Let of experts as you with make the right choose

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